Mitigating Legal Risks: Reporting for In-House Counsel

Legal risks can have serious negative consequences on your business. As General Counsel, you are required to proactively manage legal risks to protect company and shareholder interests. But to fulfill that role, you need a structured way of collecting the legal data to identify, track and report on those risks. In this 1-hour webinar we will present a comprehensive risk management framework to help in-house legal counsel assume a more strategic role and generate real business value!

What you will learn:

    • The importance of legal risk management
    • Types of legal risks
    • Key areas to identify and mitigate legal risks
    • The role of technology in legal risk management


Key takeaways:

    • Learn how to implement a legal risk framework to help you identify, assess and control legal risks before they happen risk, and transform your legal department from a cost centre to a strategic business partner

  • Speaker bio:

    Harm Bavinck is a Dutch entrepreneur working in legal informatics since 2000 and specialized in legal management. In 2002, Harm co-founded effacts, a product of the Legal & Regulatory division of Wolters Kluwer. He is known for his expertise in the fields of contract management, corporate governance, compliance and other legal management work.

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effacts is a secure online repository for all your legal information that has smart functions to help you get the most value out of it.

    • Store. Easily organize your key contracts, company documents, claims and compliance policies in one central place.

    • Find. Get easy, instant access to the information with powerful Google-style searches.

  • Summarize. Make key information from long documents more visible and understandable to the whole organization.

  • Track. Build workflows to help you manage risk in contracts, entities, claims and policies.

  • Report. Generate detailed reports and charts that can provide the management information your team or your board needs.

  • Share. Give permission-based access to different departments to allow them to see the information that helps them do their jobs better.

  • Empower. Set up self-service portals to enable different departments to manage their own legal affairs, with your legal oversight.

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